About us

We are Stefano and Tineke, both 30 years old and together for last ten years. We’ve lived and worked in Spain, Mexico, Holland and Italy. We’ve travelled in Europe, in Central America and in Southeast Asia by plane, by train, by bus, hitch hiking and by bike. We currently live on Lake Garda, Italy.

The obsession to realize our dreams and the flexibility to live in different contexts have led us to start our own Travel Blog. “Prendimingiro” (Italian for both “pull my leg” and “show me around”) started in 2016 as a way to describe our happiness and to share with others the beauty of living every day being in charge of the time we were given, while satisfying the curiosity to know what there is where we have not yet been.

Stefano Castioni

Tineke Castioni

Stefano on mountain